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Intoxic (Avormin) — ambulance for your body and the guarantee of the purification of the parasites. Is anthelmintic tool is noticeably different from analogues due to the natural, the composition and the high degree of efficiency. The drug is designed to cleanse the body of helminths, the products of the vital activity of the parasites and restore the normal functioning of the human gastrointestinal tract.

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For the acquisition of shares Intoxic in Verona (italy), please write your phone and name, and a company representative will call you within the nearest time for the consultations on the application of the purchase Intoxic. The payment is made on delivery in the package. The price for the delivery of the capsule Intoxic in Verona by mail to your address can be different from that of other cities in italy, the exact price of the delivery, you can check if the consultant after you make the order on the site.

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  • Rosa

    To be honest, I didn't count on a positive result. The last 3 years, once in a while was treatment of the parasites, made use of various chemicals. During a pause, it seemed that the disease is gone. But through one or two months helminths again appeared, and everything started again, problems with jeludkom, loss of strength, high temperature. intoxic recommended by a colleague, who was giving these capsules to their six years old son. And I decided to try. The capsule does not disappoint, because the 3 months I have not been observed any symptoms of the disease.